– Jakarta – Head of the Aceh Government Liaison Agency (BPPA) Alumniza Kamal, ensures that all Aceh Government land and building assets in Jakarta are certified. This was confirmed after the East Jakarta National Land Agency (BPN) completed the process of making an asset certificate on a 328 square meter land in Cipinang, Pulo Gadung.

“That is one of the provisions for the certainty of legal and orderly ownership of assets,” Almuniza said in Jakarta, Tuesday 11/02.


Control of the Assets of the Government of Aceh outside Aceh, said Almuniza, was a mandate from the Acting Governor of Aceh after being installed in 2018. Other assets reported to have been certified are the Mess Aceh / Hotel land in Cikini and the Office land on Jalan Indramayu, Central Jakarta.

Almuniza reported that the land certificate was handed over directly by the Head of the East Jakarta BPN Office Samsul Bahri to the Head of BPPA Inter-Agency Relations and Community Teuku Syafrizal.

Almuniza said the mess would later function as a halfway house for the function of social services for the Acehnese who were sick and unable after being referred for treatment in Jakarta.

                                   BPPA MAKE SURE ALL ACEH ASSETS IN JAKARTA CERTIFIED

The process of obtaining the certificate of assets has been carried out since mid-September last year. The post was assisted directly by the Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning Sofyan A. Djalil.

“After all this time, we finally get the certificate of this asset. The process is through a Statement from Mr. Nova Iriansyah as Acting Governor of Aceh, then we follow up until the issuance of this certificate,” said Almuniza

The Cipinang Aceh Mess was previously an asset belonging to the Ministry of Home Affairs which was bought by the Aceh Government in October 1984, as attached in the sale and purchase agreement. At that time Aceh was still led by Aceh Governor Teuku Mohammad Hadi Thayeb.

Then during the Aceh Governor, Prof. Ibrahim Hassan, the land with the main building measuring 191.36 square meters was used as the official residence of the Head of the Aceh Government Representative Office (BPPA) and Mess Aceh Cipinang. [Red-Bin]